Live Like A King Series

Live Like A King Series

From the messages of Adrian Rogers



A Fascinating Look at the Old Testament Tabernacle

Take a tour of the Old Testament tabernacle with Adrian Rogers. Each chapter of this eye-opening book is extracted from an individual message in Pastor Rogers’ series on the tabernacle.

Pastor Rogers takes you through the tabernacle, room-by-room and artifact-by-artifact, examining the spiritual significance of the extraordinary portable worship center the Israelites carried through the desert after their exodus from Egypt.

Rather than relying on extra-biblical commentary, Pastor Rogers uses Scripture to shine light on Scripture. You’ll see how every detail of the tabernacle, and the worship that took place there, pointed to the Lord Jesus Christ who “tabernacled among us.” And you’ll better understand the beautiful mystery of God’s dwelling place in and with His people—the Church.

Seeing Jesus in Unexpected Places Series

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Messages included:
5106 - Camping with God: An Overview of the Tabernacle
5107 - Christ: The Beauty of the Tabernacle
5108 - The Brazen Altar: Divine Grace
5109 - The Bronze Laver: The Washing of the Word
5110 - The Golden Lampstand: Christ, Our Sight
5111 - The Table of Showbread: Christ, Our Sustenance
5112  - The Altar of Incense: Christ, Our Supplication
5113 - The Veil to the Holy of Holies: Jesus, Our Door
5114 - The Ark of the Covenant: Christ, Our Security
5116 - A Well-Dressed Priest: Christ, Our High Priest
5117 - A Clean Conscience: Jesus, Our Cleansing Agent