Standing for Light and Truth Series

Adrian Rogers



This world is truly a dark place, yet Jesus is the Light of the world. In this album, Adrian Rogers explains the causes of America's moral darkness and the destiny of those who have never seen the Light of the Gospel. He also gives guidance to those who desire to live with integrity and treasure the truth of God.

Standing for Light and Truth Series

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Messages included:
1895 - Jesus is the Light of the World
0625 - Detours, Dead Ends and Dry Holes
1731 - A Formula for Fellowship
2206 - Discipline of Darkness
1965 - No Other Way to Heaven Except Through Jesus
1541 - The Time of Your Life
1869 - Why I Believe in Jesus
1811 - The Gospel Truth
2093 - A Nation in Crisis
1840 - An Unchanging Message to a Changing World
0814 - Live Like a King in Victory

As we update designs, the series you receive may have a different cover, but the content is the same. Thank you for understanding.