The Battle for the Soul of America digital download (eB130)

The Battle for the Soul of America digital download (eB130)


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If Congress can impeach a president for his actions, will God impeach America for ours? Does character really count in the world of human government? What are our individual responsibilities regarding a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” What does that really mean? Does the Bible have anything to say about these topics?

For over 50 years, pastor, teacher, and author Adrian Rogers brought bible truth to life in his messages. This e-book is a collection of bible truths related to us, our government, and our God…straight from the Bible! It starts with the fact that spiritual truth, not human agenda,  should be the foundation of our beliefs and values. Through a lens of spiritual truth, we can then see our current circumstances through God’s perspective, not a human one.

There is indeed a battle to be fought for America’s soul, but that battle does not belong to any political party or policy position. It is really a battle for souls in America.